RF Health Centre | Massage Therapy
RF Health Centre | Massage Therapy
423 Spadina Rd, 2nd Floor
Toronto, On
M5P 2W3
Phone: (647) 352-1886
  • RF Health Centre | Massage Therapy offer the best Massage TherapyFoot ReflexologyShiatsu and Acupuncture in Forest Hill Village, Toronto


    Please drop in to enjoy our newly opened Health Centre in the heart of forest hill village

    ( Bathurst st/ St clair Ave W)


                ***Grand Opening Special***

                                          Massage only for $55/60Mins


    --- experienced massage therapists.

    --- promotes realxation and eases aches

    --- help conditions such as stress release sports injuries fibromyalgia and tendonits
RF Health Centre | Massage Therapy


Massage is therapeutic for tight, knotted, dysfunctional muscles, massage increases flexibility and range of motion, promotes better posture, aids the lymphatic system and immune system, relieves aches and pains. Massage reduces anxiety, tension and stress levels by calming the central nervous system.

The abovehelps to clear your mind and promote a general feeling of well being. We at RF Health Centre believe, Massage is not a luxury but an important part of maintaining a healthy mind body and spirit. The best massage make you feel as if you are walking on air. You will feel so relaxed and renewed . See our menu of Services to see what best meets your needs.

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