Fall Construction Update

With both the North Gateway Streetscape Project at Suydam Park, and the Thelma/Spadina Parking Lot expansion under way at the same time, we've had fences up and more than our fair share of construction noise and disruption this summer. The good news is that both projects are well underway and despite notable setbacks, they are nearing completion. We can't wait to see the end results and to wave goodbye to the fences!

This week, the benches are being installed and the sod is being laid at the eastern edge of Suydam Park. Once the sod has had a chance to settle and take root, the fencing will be removed and the park reopened. At the moment, it appears this will occur around October 20th. There will however be one final piece of work to be completed before the project is totally finished. The pylons in the park are in place temporarily in order to cover trip hazards. Once the custom-built light stands are produced, they will be connected to the bases which are now covered by the pylons.

The parking lot was initially set to reopen in early-mid October but has been delayed due to several unexpected issues. The Toronto Parking Authority is now suggesting that baring any weather-related setbacks, the parking lot will reopen in mid-November. For those interested in urban forestry and overall tree health, the image that accompanies this post is of Silva Cells being installed, and into which the roots of the trees will be able to grow. These cells keep the soil from becoming compacted which helps the trees grow stronger.

The issues that have caused delay are as follows:

- The gas supply to the house that was demolished at the north end of the lot had only been shut off and not properly disconnected. This was discovered after demolition had begun, and getting this issue resolved took 2.5weeks.  

- An abatement process was needed in order to deal with environmental concerns related to contamination from the gas station that used to be on the site.

- An additional retaining wall was needed at the north end in order to secure the neighbours driveway on the other side of the bioswale planned for the north end of the lot.

More details will be posted as they become available.

Thanks for your ongoing patience during this construction period.