What's with the skinny yellow pylons?

New yellow posts have appeared in the Village... What's that all about?

You may have noticed and wondered about the new skinny yellow poles recently installed throughout the Village. These markers are in place for the winter season and have been positioned near our street furniture in an attempt to stop further expensive damage to our benches and planters caused in previous years by sidewalk snow plows doing their thing after large snowfall events.

These markers are very common in Québec where larger snowfalls occur more frequently. After spending thousands on street furniture repairs and replacements, the BIA thought it was time to try something different. We've worked with the City's transportation department to place these in a way that shows where our furniture is while not getting in the way of regular sidewalk uses.  Forest Hill Village is the first neighbourhood in Toronto to try out these winter markers, but we are certainly not the only neighbourhood where sidewalk snowplow damage occurs. 

Fingers crossed!