Aroma Espresso Bar

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Our Story

Aroma Espresso Bar Canada opened its first location in 2007 in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood. It has since expanded to more than 20 cafés across the Greater Toronto Area as well as locations in Markham, Mississauga, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Oakville.

The nutritious Mediterranean-inspired menu at aroma espresso bar features made-to-order salads and sandwiches prepared with fresh ingredients, bread and pastries baked fresh in-store throughout the day, and a wide range of premium signature hot and cold beverages carefully prepared by expertly-trained baristas.

With a vibrant atmosphere, stellar service, innovative catering, and modern décor, aroma espresso bar is beloved by its loyal clientele, and strives to be an active member of all the communities it serves.

Founded in Jerusalem in 1994, aroma espresso bar has expanded to more than 150 locations across Canada, Israel, Kazakhstan, Romania, Ukraine, and the United States.

Our Coffee Beans

At Aroma Espresso Bar, we sample coffee from around the world every year, searching for the finest, richest and most interesting beans in order to expose our customers to unique experiences. Though most of the world’s beans are grown in equatorial and tropical areas, the plantations in Africa, Central and South America, Arab nations, the Caribbean, and the Pacific islands differ from each other in type of land, altitude, weather, and farming methods. As a result, the beans created by these countries vary in taste. Our blends consist of beans grown in small farms by proud farmers that provide the quality that larger industrialized farms cannot match. Aroma imports select beans of the Arabica type. The Arabica beans are mild, and excel in their sweet taste and rich aroma. The green beans come from different countries, and each has its own unique characteristics, which creates a strong and rich coffee blend with a singular and full taste.

Aroma’s blend, developed over the years in order to perfectly provide for refined tastes, puts an emphasis on beans from Zimbabwe, Brazil, and Malawi. The beans from Africa, the birthplace of coffee, provide sweetness, smoothness, and body to the roasting process, and give the espresso most of its taste and aroma. We invited you to open a bag of our beans and experience the aroma

(416) 901-5874


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