Lonsdale Gallery hosts a Feature Exhibition as part of Contact Festival

Red Light
Feature Exhibition in the 2018 Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival

May 2 - June 29, 2018

Experience the Magic of Darkroom & Alternative Analogue Photography!

Red Light is an extravagant visual journey surveying the richness of photographic techniques from the pre-digital era. Highlighting over 300 pieces by photographers from across the globe, working in darkroom hand printed photography, this landmark exhibition shines a light on the incredible energy, depth, and magic of manual photographic development.

Public parklet space in the heart of the Village

The main goal of the FHV BIA streetscape masterplan has been to make the village an even more appealing place to spend time. We've been working towards this by focussing on projects that improve walkability and bikeability, expanding and improving the public realm, adding more greenspace and parking, and generally aiming to make the Village more ‘villagey’. So, in addition to our new benches and planters, the BIA, in partnership with the City, will be adding a seasonal, on-street public parklet in the centre of the Village on the east side of Spadina Rd. just north of Lonsdale.

Update: FHV BIA Streetscape Masterplan - Parklet